Why are feathers coming out of my jacket?

Noticed some feathers poking out of your new down jacket? 

No need to worry - this is totally normal for any down product! When you wear a jacket for the first few months, the feathers tend to move around as they settle and the sharp quills on the feathers can poke through the seams. The more the down settles, the less down leakage you'll experience. 

When you see a feather popping out through one of the seams, the best thing to do is gently push the feather back into the jacket and rub the hole to help close the fibres of the fabric back up. Sometimes, all that is required for the down to settle in your jacket is a complete dry and wash, as per instructions here (check out the handy video too!).

How much your jacket leaks down will vary from jacket to jacket, and from person to person, and depends on all kinds of factors. However if you think your jacket is leaking too much down, please take it into your local store and have a chat to our friendly staff or contact us.

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